Popular Question From Clients
Why not just  do this myself?

While technology, phone cameras and editing apps do make it far easier to create video content, it has its limitations and is time consuming. We’ve found that combining homemade content along with well produced content is the best way to balance the need for ongoing content with quality. Not everything a business or a brand needs to be world class – but it’s a good idea if some of it is.

Does this make sense for a small business to do this?

As mentioned above, phone cameras and editing applications are everywhere. The day to day content people are creating is better than ever, however one of the most effective ways to connect with your current customers while attracting new ones is to make sure that people identify your brand with quality. The costs are more reasonable than you might expect.

Does it really matter what kind of content I put on social media?

One of the most common errors people make with social media is not recognizing that the goal of sharing information is not just to connect with your current customers, but to reach new ones. The type of content as well as how it is created is the most important element when trying to connecting potential new customers with your brand.